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We accept orders submitted through a special standardized form in MS Excel format or through the Price-Online menu. To place an order through the MS Excel form:

  • Download the order form from here Excel icon
  • Take a look at an example of how to fill in the order form here Excel icon
  • Please ensure you follow all the requirements outlined below:
    • The order form is to be filled out in English only, except the auto part names, which can be in any language.
    • All designations, numbers of auto parts, substitutions, etc are written in Latin letters.
    • In cell J2 you can optionally specify an order number. If the number is not specified, it will be set automatically by our system.
    • The manufacturer is specified with a short name. You can see the correspondence between the full and short manufacturer names here.
    • You can use the Constraints field to specify terms of order of the chosen item. Currently you can specify the following constraints:
      3. ANY COLOR

      The ONLY THIS NUMBER constraint is used if you want us to supply only the chosen item number, i.e. the substitutes are not acceptable. Please note that if this constraint is not specified, then the dealer can supply a substitution (if the ordered number is not currently in stock), the cost of which in some cases can exceed the price of the original number. More information can be found here.

      The ONLY THIS QUANTITY constraint is used if you want us to supply the exact quantity of the items as you ordered, and the quantity less than specified is not acceptable.
      It is important to understand, that you shall use these constraints only if they are absolutely necessary.

      ANY COLOR can be specified to indicate you will accept a part of any color.

      The ONLY [MANUFACTURER] constraint (i.e., ONLY GMB) can be used when ordering auto parts from after makers, if you want to restrict the manufacturer. For example, if you want the part to be supplied only by RBI, you should specify the ONLY RBI constraint (and specify DUBL or RBI as a manufacturer).

    • The part can be ordered from the specific supplier (for example, if in the Price-Online you see that certain supplier has the part available in stock or has shorter supply time). You can look up the code of the dealer in the Price-online section, which supplies the needed part at the acceptable price. After that you can specify the supplier code in the “Dealer” field, and the specified part will be ordered only from the chosen supplier.

      If you want to order an auto part from the United States - write «USA» (without quotes) in the «Dealer» field. Detailed information on ordering auto parts from the USA can be found in the FAQ.

      When adding an item to the cart from Price-online, you can restrict the supplier by marking the checkbox in the «O.C.S.» (only from chosen supplier) field.

    • «Fragile» field remains blank in most cases. Specify letter F if the part is fragile and needs additional packing.
    • «Order type» field remains blank in a typical delivery.
      When the required part is rare and is not available locally (in the Gulf countries) you can request to order it from Japan. In this case, please specify by writing «A» (without quotes) - for air order from Japan, and «S» - for sea order from Japan. We advise you to request the price before making a sea or air order due to the fact the order price may increase.
      If you require a month back order - put «M» in the «Order type» field (you can read more detailed information about this type of order in the Frequently Asked Questions section).
    • «Shipment type» remains blank in a typical delivery.
    • In the «Price $» field you can specify a maximum price for a spare part. For example, if on the Price-online page you see that the part can be supplied for $100, $110 or $140 (depending on the supplying dealer), you can agree to buy it only if the price will not exceed $110. The maximum price, which you specify, should not be lower than the minimum price in our price-list, or we will be unable to supply it.
    • The «Remarks» field can be filled out for two purposes. First, you can specify any important information for yourself (for example, the internal identifier of the ordered position in your database) which will be printed on our stickers (stuck on the auto parts). Secondly, at the end of the field, after special sequence «!%», you can specify the code of your client (or any other identifier). In this case, auto parts with different client codes will be separately grouped and packed into different boxes. We recommend you to read more detailed information on the correct usage of the field «Remarks» in section Customer zone -> Frequently asked questions.
  • Send your order to us via «Customer zone» -> «Your Orders» -> «Add Order».

The standard order form allows us to avoid mistakes and enables us to process your order as quickly as possible.

For a timely execution of orders, please ensure that your balance is positive.

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