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Republic Auto Spare Parts Tr. ,

Industrial Area #15, P.O. Box 24455, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-6-5353-805
Fax: +971-6-5353-809

Business hours: 8:30 to 18:00 local time (UTC +4), Sunday is a day off

WEB: (mirror website)

General email queries: _ra#dog#ra-mail#c#
Email for requests: _request#dog#ra-mail#c#
Email for financial matters: _fin#dog#ra-mail#c#
Email for logistics and cargo shipments requests: _cargo#dog#ra-mail#c#
Skype: RaParts Chat with me

Our bank account details: _fin#dog#ra-mail#c#

Contact details of our partners in various countries and regions are presented on the page our partners.

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  • Question: Before ordering parts, we want you to check their availability, and only then, based on availability, we will accept payment from the customer and place an order. Is this possible?
    Answer: We do not work on the “Request-Order” system, because the availability of parts changes on a daily basis. Nevertheless, while viewing the Price-online page, you can find the availability of spare parts in the dealer's warehouses (some dealers keep accurate count of parts and provide us with the data). Also, in order to predict the availability (in case it is unknown), in the Price-online section you can see the supply statistics for a part by clicking on the «Show» link in the «Add-nal info» column in the search results. There you can also see the estimated weight of the part, including the packaging weight, the calculated volumetric weight and the real country of origin of the part.
  • Question: The Price-online does not include some numbers from the catalogs. You simply do not have these parts, do you? Or am I entering an invalid number?
    Answer: There are several reasons:
    • These parts may not be available in our region (UAE, Oman, etc.).
    • Sometimes the lack of spare parts in the price list does not mean that the parts are not available.
    • Perhaps you are entering an incorrect number.
  • Question: We are writing to you, and our messages go unanswered. What should we do?
    Answer: We try to answer all the messages, but there are some reasons why you might not get our response. One of the reasons - incorrect address of your mailbox. Also, maybe you are writing your message on Thursday night and we are closed on Friday, so, we will reply to you only on Saturday. Sometimes, our answers may fall into your spam list or be blocked by your ISP. Try to write the letter again and specify an alternate email of another provider.
  • Question: Are there any minimum batch of shipment? Can I order a single spare part?
    Answer: This and many other questions are discussed in the terms of cooperation for each particular region or country. In any case, the shipment of a small weight (10 kg) is complicated by the fact that the weight of the package will be significant relative to the weight of spare part(s), which, in our opinion, is unprofitable. That's why we work mostly with wholesale customers with volumes of purchases over 3000 dollars per month.
  • Question: How do I register and start working with you?
    Answer: To register online please click the Register link at the top of the website.

    If you have any specific questions - write us a letter (this can be done directly from the «Contacts» section) containing the information about your company and your interests in wholesale purchases of spare parts (automobile brand, the expected average monthly volume of purchases). We will respond to you within one working day (The UAE weekend is Friday. Saturday and Sunday are working days.).
  • Question: Where, when and how can I receive my goods?
    Answer: Your contact details will be sent to our forwarding and shipping companies. If required we will send you a copy of the air waybill, and, if required, customs declaration to allow you to contact the carriers.
  • Question: I am planning to order a cover bumper in my first order which has the physical weight of 7 kg and the volumetric weight of 98 kg. How do you calculate the shipping cost?
    Answer: The cost of delivery and additional charge for volumetric weight (if the volumetric weight exceeds the physical weight) is dependent on the weight of the shipment and the destination country. In the terms of cooperation and in the «Customer zone» section (which will be accessible once you are registered on our web site) we are specifying how the cost of delivery is calculated.

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