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If you cannot find the auto part you are looking for in our Price Online system, you can request this auto part by using the special form which can be found here Excel icon

Please follow the instructions below when submitting the form:

  • The name of the file of the request should comprise number of request and a code of the client (eg. 001_request_RAG.xls, where 001 is request number, and RAG is the client code).
  • All designations, numbers of auto parts, substitutions, etc are written in Latin letters.
  • The «Type» field (type of the order) remains blank if the order is typical. If the order is for Japan, it is necessary to put «A» in the field – for an air order; or «S» if the order is by sea.

The standard form allows us to respond to your requests quicker, so please be sure to use the form.

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* Price list updates: NS-1, FEBE-1, TY-4, NS-3, TY-8. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, NS-1, MMC-1, MMC-2, MMC-3, SZ-1, FEBE-1, TY-4, NS-3, TY-8.
[ 21 feb 2024 ]

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