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The prices shown correspond to the maximum discount (monthly volume of purchases > $50000).

Auto part №: GR1A39040A :
Dealer Man. Part number Description AST (h.) Weight V weight Update date Availability Price ($) Incl. shipment Addt'l info Add to cart
4 MAZDA GR1A39040A SUPPORT,A/T CASE OUTPUT SHAFT 97 * * 23 feb 2017 10 pcs 27.11 27.11 Show
2 MAZDA GR1A39040A Rubber(R),engine 35 * * 24 jan 2017 19 pcs 27.84 27.84 Show
1 MAZDA GR1A39040A RUBBER(R),ENGINE MT. 59 * * 4 sep 2016 10 pcs 27.91 27.91 Show

* - Information that is available only for registered users or customers.

Since shipping price is set to 0, prices in the 'Incl. shipment' column are specified without cost of shipping from the UAE and customs clearance. If you pay for shipping separately, but want to see prices with estimated shipping cost you can choose 'Enter shipping price manually' in the 'Shipment type' menu.

AST - Average Supply Time (in hours) of delivering an auto part to our warehouse in UAE from the moment of ordering it to the dealer.

checked weight mark Weights, checked and certified by us with an accuracy of +-1 gram, are marked with orange triangle.

«Incl. shipment» price includes delivery to customer's country and customs clearance, but does not include possible expenses associated with additional packing, volumetric weight excess, weight of the packaging, etc.

Noticed wrong information about weight, substitution, description or volume of the spare part? Please notify us by clicking the link in the 'Addt'l info' column!

In case the weight of the auto part is not specified, then the price including shipment can not be calculated for the time being.

The shipment cost of large-size parts (bumpers, fenders and so on) when sending the goods will be calculated additionally as the difference of the physical and volumetric weight. The price for 1kg of volumetric weight depends on shipment type and destination region and is specified in terms of cooperation.

Enter up to 5 part numbers, separating them by a white space. After entering part numbers you can simply press the Enter button to start the search. Also you can paste multiple numbers from the buffer (for example, by copying them from Excel). When pasting from the buffer, part numbers may be separated either by a white space or by a line feed - the system will understand in both cases.

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