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[ 18 sep 2009 ]

Dear customers and site guests,
Starting from today Price-online section shows information on part weight including packaging and part volume weight (in case dimensions for the spare part exist in our database and have been checked by us). To view this spare part information click the “Show” link in the additional info column (“Add-nal info”) of the Price-online results grid.

This information is given to the best of our knowledge and in most cases is accurate. We are not responsible if the provided information differs from the actual packing weigh or volume.

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* Price list updates: MZ-2, FEBE-1, TY-4, NS-1, HO-5, 555-3, TY-1, SZ-5, DENSO-2, TEI-5. Availability updates: SU-1, MZ-2, TY-1, TY-2, FEBE-1, SU-2, TY-4, MMC-1, MMC-3, SZ-1, NS-1, KI(HY)-1, HO-5, IS-1,
[ 29 nov 2023 ]

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