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[ 31 oct 2010 ]

Dear customers!

We would like to remind you that in case our web site is not accessible due to reasons beyond our control, you can still add your orders on the web site, which is the mirror of Our main web site is still, and some information on the web site may be updated with delay. You may add orders only on one of the web sites, and as soon as the order is accepted it will appear on the both web sites.

We have specially created the mirror site in order to increase the reliability of our business relationship with you. If any of the web sites is not accessible, due to reasons not controlled by us, you still can continue working on the other web site!

Last news:
* Eid Al Adha holidays in UAE 2023.
[ 26 jun 2023 ]
* Eid Al Fitr 2023 public holidays in the UAE.
[ 20 apr 2023 ]
* UAE's 51st National Day
[ 29 nov 2022 ]
* Sundays Off: U.A.E. Changes Its Weekend
[ 08 jan 2022 ]
* Eid Al Adha 2021 public holidays in the UAE.
[ 18 jul 2021 ]
* Price list updates: TY-4, NS-1. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, SU-1, TY-4, MMC-1, MMC-2, MMC-3, SZ-1, NS-1.
[ 06 dec 2023 ]
* Price list updates: NS-1, FEBE-1, TY-4, MZ-2, NS-3, TY-8, MZ-1. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, SU-2, MMC-1, MMC-3, SZ-1, NS-1, KI(HY)-1, IS-1, ACD-1, FEBE-1, TY-4, MZ-2, NS-3, TY-8, MZ-1.
[ 05 dec 2023 ]
* Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2.
[ 01 dec 2023 ]
* Price list updates: TY-4, TY-8. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, TY-4, MMC-1, MMC-3, SZ-1, TY-8.
[ 30 nov 2023 ]
* Price list updates: MZ-2, FEBE-1, TY-4, NS-1, HO-5, 555-3, TY-1, SZ-5, DENSO-2, TEI-5. Availability updates: SU-1, MZ-2, TY-1, TY-2, FEBE-1, SU-2, TY-4, MMC-1, MMC-3, SZ-1, NS-1, KI(HY)-1, HO-5, IS-1,
[ 29 nov 2023 ]

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