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[ 13 apr 2018 ]
Saturday, April 14 we are closed due to the announced holiday - celerbation of Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj. We will be back to work on the 15th of April. During the holidays your orders will be accepted as usual, but processing the orders and accepting parts in our warehouse will start from the 15th of April. We congratulate all Muslims on occasion of this holiday.

Last news:
* Eid Al Adha public holiday working schedule from 10th till 12th of August.
[ 07 aug 2019 ]
* Eid Al Fitr holiday working schedule in the UAE.
[ 30 may 2019 ]
* Our New Year's Holiday Schedule (2018-2019).
[ 30 dec 2018 ]
* Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
[ 27 dec 2018 ]
* UAE's 47th National Day
[ 29 nov 2018 ]
* Price list updates: TY-5, TY-9, MMC-5, MZ-5, SZ-2, KI(HY)-2, HO-1, MB-1, FO-1, NSK-3, CTR-5, GMB-4, MUS-5, SEI-3, BMW-1, RBI-3, KYB-2, 555-3, 555-5, AISIN-3, TAI-2, TAI-3, RIK-2, TAMA-2, NDC-4, NPR-2,
[ 16 sep 2019 ]
* Price list updates: PG-1, TY-9, TY-3. Availability updates: PG-1, TY-2, MMC-1, MMC-3, TY-9, TY-1, TY-3, SZ-1, MMC-2.
[ 15 sep 2019 ]
* Price list updates: FEBE-1, MZ-2, TY-9, NS-1, NS-3. Availability updates: SU-1, TY-2, TY-3, FEBE-1, MMC-1, MZ-2, SZ-1, SU-2, TY-9, KI(HY)-1, IS-1, GM-1, ACD-1, NS-1, NS-3.
[ 14 sep 2019 ]
* Price list updates: TY-5, MMC-5, MZ-5, KI(HY)-2, HO-1, RBI-3, TAI-3, TEI-2, TY-9. Availability updates: MZ-1, IS-2, TY-2, TY-3, TY-1, TY-5, MMC-1, MMC-3, MMC-5, MZ-5, KI(HY)-2, HO-1, RBI-3, TAI-3, TEI
[ 12 sep 2019 ]
* Price list updates: TY-9, NS-2. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, TY-3, TY-9, MMC-1, MMC-3, NS-2.
[ 11 sep 2019 ]

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