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[ 20 apr 2023 ]
Dear customers! During the Eid Al Fitr holidays, our office will be closed from April 20th to April 22nd. We will resume our regular hours of operation on April 23rd. At the same time, we wish you a blessed holiday season. May God accept all our good deeds and efforts during the holy month and grant us peace, prosperity, and joy. From us to you and your family, Eid Mubarak! Eid Al Fitr, which translates to "Festival of Breaking the Fast," is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It is an occasion to express gratitude for the strength and patience demonstrated throughout the month of Ramadan, as well as to share blessings and happiness with family and friends.

Last news:
* Eid Al Adha holidays in UAE 2023.
[ 26 jun 2023 ]
* Eid Al Fitr 2023 public holidays in the UAE.
[ 20 apr 2023 ]
* UAE's 51st National Day
[ 29 nov 2022 ]
* Sundays Off: U.A.E. Changes Its Weekend
[ 08 jan 2022 ]
* Eid Al Adha 2021 public holidays in the UAE.
[ 18 jul 2021 ]
* Price list updates: NS-3, TY-1, NS-1, TY-4. Availability updates: NS-3, TY-1, TY-2, MMC-1, NS-1, MMC-3, TY-4.
[ 26 feb 2024 ]
* Price list updates: TY-4, NS-1, HO-5, DENSO-2, SZ-5, TEI-5. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, TY-4, MMC-1, MMC-3, NS-1, HO-5, DENSO-2, SZ-5, TEI-5.
[ 24 feb 2024 ]
* Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2.
[ 23 feb 2024 ]
* Price list updates: NS-1, FEBE-1, TY-4. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, MMC-1, MMC-, NS-1, FEBE-1, SU-2, TY-4, SZ-1, KI(HY)-1, IS-1, GM-1, ACD-1.
[ 22 feb 2024 ]
* Price list updates: NS-1, FEBE-1, TY-4, NS-3, TY-8. Availability updates: TY-1, TY-2, NS-1, MMC-1, MMC-2, MMC-3, SZ-1, FEBE-1, TY-4, NS-3, TY-8.
[ 21 feb 2024 ]

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