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[ 14 jan 2013 ]

Dear site visitors!

We are pleased to announce our new winter offer!

If you become our customer during the period from 15th of January to 15th of February, then: first you will get one level up over the planned level (if you confirm your level by 50% payment of your turnover in advance) and secondly, 3 months after beginning of work you’ll get a discount one level better than one you would have, based on the volume of your real purchases. For example, if after 3 months your average monthly volume of purchases equals to 15000 USD (which corresponds to the “WHOLESALE” level), you’ll get a discount corresponding to the volume of purchases of 20000 - 35000 USD a month (the “WHOLESALE PLUS” level)!

In the Cooperation -> How to start section you will find information on how to register, become our customer and begin working with us.

If you are a large trading company, car service, an online store, or a separate small wholesale buyer - become our customers right now! This is a profitable way to start the year with the good prices with us - with the company that has the best prices on car spare parts, the best packaging, the fastest delivery time around the world, the most user-friendly navigation and information on the orders on our web site, the most readable and convenient invoices. This is a rare offer - do not lose your chance!

If you have any questions use the Contact us page, and we will surely reply you.

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